Be Our Client!

We have a strong presence in the domestic and global market and have established ourselves as reliable suppliers. Few countries where we have sold our products include:

South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Israel, Egypt, Russia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Iran, Portugal, Spain, Italy


For our valued customers and prospects, choosing and sticking to Cheema becomes very easy for we have a truly global perspective, holistic approach and a humane face. Few simple reasons for their choosing us are:

- Excellent quality products supplied consistently
- Efficient services provided
- Quickest possible deliveries of their valuable cargo
- Upholding and practicing highest business ethics and values
- We value our most important asset-our human resource and keep it in the best shape following best practices in the industry
- We are sincerely concerned for our environment and we ensure that it is maintained and preserved.

Our Most Respected Clients